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About Little Étoile®

Little Étoile® is the baby of the Max Biocare Group, a proudly Australian healthcare company, with 20+ years of experience in pharmaceutical and nutrition sciences, and with a proven passion for women’s and children’s health.​

Little Étoile® is committed to nurturing the health and wellbeing of current and future generations of “little stars”, through the creation of effective products of real worth to families, backed by measurable quality and safety standards at every step. ​

Maintaining optimum physical and emotional health of growing children and families is a major challenge. Science and research are fundamental to how we develop products in the nutritional and topical care spaces to meet this challenge, and how we encourage learning about health and sustainability, for now and generations to come.
George Thouas
Children with optimal nutrition are naturally healthy, resilient and more likely to meet their developmental milestones. Science and research are fundamental to how we formulate nutritional, safe and reliable products, in order to help them maintain their health and wellbeing, through the first critical years of life.
George Thouas