About Max Biocare & PharmaMetics Products

PharmaMetics Products is a product brand of Max Biocare Pty Ltd.

Max Biocare Pty Ltd is an independent Australian owned and operated company committed to providing health solutions in the form of scientifically validated natural medicines. Based in Melbourne, Max Biocare’s products are currently available in Australia, as well as being exported to South-East Asia, Europe and the Subcontinent. At present, we create products that focus on the following health areas:

  • bone, joint and muscle health
  • cardiovascular health
  • child development
  • eye health
  • immune health
  • liver and gastro-intestinal health
  • mental health
  • sexual health
  • skin conditions
  • weight management
  • women’s health (including pregnancy, breast-feeding and menopause)

At Max Biocare, we do business according to a simple philosophy:

  • We’re passionate about health
  • We insist upon the scientific validation and high quality of our products
  • We strive to meet the highest standards in customer service
  • We value our people
  • We believe in the integrity of our business

The application of these principles into every aspect of our business is ingrained in Max Biocare’s philosophy. We seek to deliver a natural approach to health through efficient and effective health solutions. We believe healthcare products should freely accessible, held to high standards, and, through quality and education, assist the community to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing. At Maxbiocare we love what we do. We make innovative natural medicines. And they work.

We’re passionate about health

Our team at Max Biocare comprises individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience from a diversity of backgrounds, encompassing medicine, biomedical science, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, natural therapy and traditional medicine, as well as sales, marketing, IT, legal, accounting and regulatory affairs. We may all have our own areas of expertise, but we’re all passionate about people’s health.

Even though our medicines are always meticulously formulated by our scientists, our product ideas are often sourced from other members of our team with new ideas to make improvements to areas of human health. Our whiteboards are always filled with new projects. We’re all enthusiastic, and we’re always doing our homework, whether it’s keeping up to date with the latest scientific research, talking to the people who take our products, or publishing articles of interest on new potential therapies (see link). We’re excited by the opportunity to make innovative medicines that can have a positive impact on people’s lives, and are committed to bettering people’s health.

We insist upon the scientific validation and high quality of our products

The creation of all our products involves a lengthy process during which health conditions are identified and researched, and potential treatment ingredients are investigated exhaustively. After being discussed and refined by our health experts, medications with clinically-proven doses of ingredients are then formulated. But the process doesn’t stop there – our products are continually subjected to pre- and post-market regulation in the form of ongoing clinical trials, monitoring and review to ensure their safety and efficacy.

All of our products at Max Biocare are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and are manufactured in compliance with the Australian Codes of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The TGA requires the testing of all raw material inputs, in-process testing and stability testing in order to guarantee the claims we make on our product labels and to certify the purity of our medicines. For further information on the TGA’s regulatory requirements for complementary medicines, please visit http://www.tga.gov.au/cm/cmreg-aust.htm

Because similar products to those we produce are considered to be food supplements in countries such as the US, UK and New Zealand, the natural medicine industries in those countries are not subjected to the same strict regulation by their Health Authorities. Consequently, we believe the scientifically validated natural medicines we produce are the best in the world.

We strive to meet the highest standards in customer service

We work hard to protect what is important to Max Biocare. We make the company our own, maintaining an enthusiastic and committed approach to natural health that rubs off on our customers and associates. Whether we are dealing with consumers, health professionals, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies or business partners, we strive to earn the trust of customers through our transparency, with a view to becoming market leaders through our production and delivery of superior products and advice to improve people’s health.

We value our people

We’re a family at Max Biocare. Everybody in our team, from health experts to business people, has an important role to play in achieving our corporate vision. We value and encourage the diverse and individual talents of our people, while respecting that everyone has a life outside of the office. We place importance on trust, mutual respect and passion among our employees, and believe there has to be time for work and time for fun. We also believe the two should never be mutually exclusive.

We’re always on the look out for innovative people who are passionate about people’s health to join our team at Max Biocare. If you are interested in working with us, please submit your resume and relevant experience to recruitment@maxbiocare.com

We believe in the integrity of our business

At Max Biocare, we’re trying to raise the bar. That’s why we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the medicines we produce are the best they can be. Being socially and environmentally responsible, we are proud of our company record. Increasingly, we are involved in a wide range of health, education and other community projects that reflect our beliefs.

Because we believe in the work we do, we are happy to pass our products on to members of my family, content in the knowledge we have gained from our research that they work. To us, that is what effective health delivery is all about: when we make health claims on our products we aren’t just being hopeful – they’re proven facts.

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