About Max Biocare

At Max Biocare, we are committed to helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Our health product range for men, women and children is available worldwide in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Manufactured by Top Quality Manufacturing Facilities in Australia, Italy and Japan.

Max Biocare is an independent Australian owned and operated natural health company. Founded in 2000, we are committed to providing health solutions in the form of scientifically validated natural medicines.

Our highly qualified and experienced Research and Development team searches the world over for the best ingredients and raw materials for our products. We also invest heavily in identifying unique manufacturing capabilities and ingredients in reputable countries. To this end, Max Biocare’s products are manufactured by top GMP licensed facilities in Australia, Italy and Japan, and are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) and Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


Evidence-Based - Natural - Trust

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To realize our promise to our partners, patients, and consumers, and in particular the promises of product efficacy, safety, and value, we rely on a systematic, rigorous evidence-based approach.

We are dedicated to methodically and critically evaluating the best available evidence during our research and development process, and investing in clinical trials wherever possible. This level of stringency is also applied to our unique quality management system.


Driven by the same purpose of keeping our promise to our partners, patients, and consumers, we meticulously search for and develop the best ingredients, materials and practices in our operations and production, to bring out the best ingredients and products.

We are passionate about what nature has to offer

We are in awe of nature and its ability to heal, regenerate and rejuvenate. Driven by our fascination with the use of natural products for natural therapies, we constantly strive to reinforce traditional knowledge with evidence from modern research.

Why are natural ingredients better than synthetic chemicals?

We always prefer to use ingredients and raw materials from natural sources, from our own supplies, or from other reliable, research-backed sources.

Natural ingredients have many added advantages, such as being able to cater to a wider range of actions than single active chemicals or drugs. They may have fewer unwanted effects, and many have proven safe to use alongside conventional substances.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We think of it as a responsibility to our stake-holders and ourselves, rather than a chore. The purity and quality of natural ingredients depends on many factors, including organic growing practices, protecting the land from overuse and drawing from renewable energy and water resources. Learn more >>


Most of our partners have been with us since day one.

Trust is built on our promises being delivered and kept. By being consistent with what we promise to our suppliers, people who distribute or use our products, and our own teams, we are paying it forward.

Trust begins with:

  • Our dedication to product and ingredient quality, through our scientific, evidence-based ethos
  • Our preference for natural, sustainable choices and practices
  • The integrity with which we conduct our business.

Our People

Our Scientific Board represents a highly talented and qualified group of professionals, with a diverse range of expertise across medical/ biosciences, pharmaceutical sciences, nutrition, medicine and integrative therapies. We are inspired by nature, but backed by science.

ND, RT, NU, Fellow of ANTA Tom van Wunnik
Technical Director, Max Biocare Group
BSc, MRepSc, PhD George A. Thouas
Head of Research & Innovation, Max Biocare Group
BSc (Hons), PhD Christopher Halkias
Research Officer, Max Biocare Group
BBiomedSci, BSc (Hons), PhD Mark T. Waddingham
Research Fellow
BNut&Diet (Hons) Ben H. Parmenter
Natural Products Researcher
BHSc (Nutr. Med), MNutr Diana Newman
BHSc, MDiet Justine Gal
Consulting Dietitian
BSc (Agr) Leilani Paller
Quality Manager
BPharm, MBA Chidkamon Tonkan
Regulatory Affairs Associate
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