Prenatal calcium decreased dental caries in offspring at 12 years old

Teeth mineralization begins in utero. Suboptimal maternal nutrition could therefore affect mineralization and contribute to dental caries in the offspring. 2g calcium or a placebo was administered daily to pregnant women from the 20th week of gestation to delivery. 195 children were followed up at 12 years in this double-blinded RCT. Children born to calcium supplemented mothers had a lower proportion of 1 decayed, missing or filled tooth (RR 0.73, p<0.001). The number of decayed, missing and filled teeth was also lower in the calcium-supplemented group. Thus calcium may have prolonged effects on the dental condition of offspring and lower the risk of dental caries by 27%.

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Bergel, E., et al., Maternal calcium supplementation during pregnancy and dental caries of children at 12 years of age: follow-up of a randomized controlled trial. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand, 2010. 89(11): p. 1396-402.