pm procare

PMProcare: The Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Formula

PM Procare has been specially developed to assist mothers and expectant mothers with their increased nutritional requirements, in the crucial period before, during and after pregnancy. The formula provides a unique combination of nutrients including omega-3 (DHA) essential fatty acids and folic acid which are essential nutrients for developing babies.

PM Procare is designed to be taken from one month before conception, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding to contribute to a normal pregnancy. This formulation along with a healthy lifestyle will assist you in giving your baby the best possible start in life. In addition it will help you, to remain physically and mentally healthy so you will be able to provide the best possible care for your child.

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PMProcare Diamond: Superior Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Formula

Specially formulated for expectant and breastfeeding women. Includes 250mg of DHA to satisfy the level recommended by experts (200mg/day). Contains higher levels of iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin D3, Iodine, Magnesium.

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Products that can be taken with Procare

These products can complement Procare to further assist you during pregnancy and breastfeeding or they can be used by the rest of the family to support their health and well-being.

ab extrabone care

AB Extra Bone-care+

Benefits of AB Extra Bone-care+ with Procare (whilst pregnant or breastfeeding):

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy/breastfeeding and dairy is often neglected. The consequence, less calcium, vitamin D and other essential nutrients are obtained to support fetal/infant bone development. Your body then removes calcium from your own bones which can lead to more health problems. AB Extra Bone-care+ can be taken with Procare to provide extra assistance supporting bone development particularly for women not getting enough calcium in their diet. It contains calcium in its most absorbable form along with magnesium, zinc, manganese, folic acid and vitamins C and D so that bone mineralization can be optimized.

General benefits of AB Extra Bone-care+ (Adults):

Beyond pregnancy and throughout life, maintaining bone strength is very important for the prevention of bone fractures and osteoporosis later in life. AB Extra Bone-care+ can provide valuable support for active teenagers, busy mums and dads, women approaching menopause and the elderly, all of whom can benefit from this unique formula aimed to optimize bone mineralization with a variety of nutrients in their most absorbable form.


While taking Procare: 1-2 tablets/day with or after meals. Adults: 1-2 tablets/day with or after meals.

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PM KiddieCal

kiddiecalYummy chewable burstlet capsules

Benefits of KiddieCal with Procare (whilst pregnant or breastfeeding):

Are you getting enough dairy and sunlight to support you and your baby’s calcium and vitamin D needs? KiddieCal can complement Procare during pregnancy and breastfeeding by providing extra calcium, vitamin D and K, the key nutrients in bone formation. These yummy chewable strawberry milkshake flavoured capsules are certainly more enjoyable than your typical tablets you must swallow.

General benefits of KiddieCal (Children & Adults):

From early childhood to puberty, the strength of your child’s bones is determined which is influence by the amount of calcium that is absorbed and deposited in their bone tissue. If they don’t get enough vitamin D and calcium (through dairy) it can increase the risk of bone fractures and teeth cavities, resulting in more hospital and dental bills for you! KiddieCal are yummy strawberry flavoured capsules which children will enjoy taking daily to support their bone development during this crucial period. But don’t let the name fool you, KiddieCal is also great for adults to assist in maintaining strong bones and preventing age and menopause-related bone loss which ultimately leads to osteoporosis.


While taking Procare (pregnant or breastfeeding): 1 capsule/day. Adults & Children (+3 years): 1-2 capsules/day, up to 4 capsules/day. Children (6 months – 3 years): 1 capsule/day.

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PM NextG Cal

nextg cal

Benefits of NextG Cal with Procare (whilst pregnant):

This unique formula provides vitamins D and K along with calcium and phosphorus (the main components of bone tissue) in a natural microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA) form, which is how strong bones prefer their calcium and phosphorus. This makes the minerals readily absorbed an available to strengthen and form bones and teeth. This is particularly useful if you are looking for a calcium boost during pregnancy.

General benefits of NextG Cal (Adults):

Regardless of whether you’re a growing teenager or approach your twilight years, we can all benefit from having strong bones and teeth. NextG Cal will assist in maintaining bone strength while also reducing the risk of osteoporosis and minimizing bone loss with age.


While taking Procare (pregnant or breastfeeding): 2-4 capsules/daily. Adults & Children (+15 years): 2-6 capsules/daily. Children (<15 years): 1-2 capsules/daily.

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