The Whole Systems Organic Approach

For our products at Little Étoile®, ‘Certified Organic’ means more than just organic produce. We employ ‘whole system organic compliance’, which means that everything from the soil the crops are grown in or harvested on, right through to the manufacturing, packaging, and handling stages, complies with a comprehensive accredited organic system.

This holistic system promotes a healthier environment and more sustainable use of natural resources.

Little Étoile® Organic is proudly Australian Certified Organic

ACO (Australian Certified Organic) is Australia’s largest certifier of organic and biodynamic produce. ACO certification is internationally accepted and is strictly regulated to ensure the production of naturally safe, high-quality, nutritionally vital foods and food products that are free from synthetic fertilizers or processes. Organic systems also promote more humane treatment of animals, provide meat that is free from hormones and antibiotics, and promote healthier, more sustainable use of natural resources. Currently, only 1.5% of the world’s farmland is certified organic.

Being responsible for more than half of the world’s organic produce, Australia has some of the most stringent testing requirements in the world for acquiring organic certification, and ACO holds international accreditation for standards of integrity, impartiality, and objectivity.

Organic is best for your bub

Babies and toddlers go through dramatic growth and cognitive development in the first two years of life, a process dependent on adequate nutrition and a healthy environment. As their systems are still developing, babies are more susceptible to the effects of chemicals and pesticides.

Wherever possible, preference should be given to provide babies and children with organic food to ensure they are met with the best start in life!

“We are proud to be able to support Australian families by producing accessible and convenient organic baby food of the highest standard possible.”